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Museum Pass Request

The library has FREE passes for the Thomas Edison Center, Grounds for Sculpture, and Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space.

*See additional information at the bottom of this page.


The Edison Public Library is updating how the museum passes are reserved. Instead of adding your name to a list of people waiting for the pass, you will now get to request specific dates on a first come first serve basis. The museum passes will be reserved using the form in the link below.

Please Note: The Museum Passes are fully booked until the end of June. All requests must be for July 1st and onwards. For more information, please contact us at museumpass@edisonpubliclibrary.net

Please note that filling out this form is not a guarantee that you will get them for the dates you have requested. All requests must be reviewed by the library staff. Once the dates have been confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation.

The Library has three Museum Passes available:

1. Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park (Each pass allows entry for 4 people)

2. Grounds for Sculpture Museum Pass (Each pass allows entry for 4 people)

3. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Pass (Each pass allows entry for 6 people)