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Using the Edison Public Library

Library Rules

Welcome to the Edison Public Library. In order to ensure fairness, efficient operation and the best possible service certain rules must be administered. Below you will find a quick list of library policies established to ensure the most pleasant experience and efficient service.
  1. Library Rules of Conduct for Library Visitors:

    1. Purpose:

      The Edison Township Free Public Library is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all Library patrons and staff. We have established this Behavior Policy/Code of Conduct to ensure that our patrons can use the library's facilities, resources, materials, programs and services without being disturbed or impeded and to provide our patrons and staff can conduct business efficiently, in a secure and comfortable environment.

      These Rules of Conduct apply to all Library property, including outside areas and parking lots.

    2. Overview:

      No individual may engage in inappropriate conduct on the premises of the Edison Township Free Public Library. Patrons shall be engaged in the normal activities associated with the use of a public library while on the premises at all times. Depending upon the circumstances / nature of the inappropriate conduct, individuals may suffer a loss or suspension of Library privileges and/or face civil/ criminal prosecution.

    3. Definition of Inappropriate Conduct:

      Inappropriate conduct includes any individual or group actions in the library or on library premises that interfere with the use of Library facilities, collections, services, or programs by others or dirupts the ability of library staff to perform their duties. Inappropriate conduct is not permitted at any time and any patron engaging in same shall cease such activity immediately upon request of Library staff.

      Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      • Engaging in any activity that constitutes violation of Federal, State or municipal criminal statutes or ordinances;
      • Displaying or using any dangerous weapon on Library property or using or threatening the use of any object in such a manner that it may be considered a weapon (N.J.S.A. 2C:39-4 et. seq.);
      • Engaging in or threatening to engage in any fighting, striking, kicking, shoving or other physically intimidating or assaultive behavior (N.J.S.A. 2C: 33-4 et. seq.);
      • Possessing, selling, distributing, consuming or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug or controlled substance (N.J.S.A. 2C: 35-24 et. seq.);
      • Trespassing by entering or remaining on Library property after having been notified by an authorized individual not to do so, including entering or remaining on Library property after having been suspended;
      • Refusing to follow the directions of Library staff regarding rules and regulations;
      • Leaving children or adults who are in need of supervision unattended;
      • Engaging in any behavior that is disruptive, harassing or threatening to Library users or staff annoys or disturbs other patrons (N.J.S.A. 2C: 33-4 et. seq.);
      • Creating disruptive noise levels including loud talking, shouting, loud or repeated cell phone ringing or cell phone conversations(silent mode and texting are permitted) or using other personal electronic equipment at a volume that is disturbing to other patrons;
      • Blocking the entrance to the Library or using skateboards, rollerblades, skate shoes, scooters, bicycles, or hoverboards within the library or Library property in a manner that is disruptive to others;
      • Using loud, offensive, obscene or abusive language (N.J.S.A. 2C: 20-12 et. seq.);
      • Engaging in any lewd or sexual contact, activity or conduct; (N.J.S.A. 2C: 33-4 et. seq.);
      • Smoking or using other tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or vaping;
      • No outside food is allowed in the Library. Food and drinks purchased from the vending machines is allowed to be eaten in specific areas only;
      • Prolonged sleeping that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the Library by others;
      • Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn at all times;
      • Monopolizing Library resources or staff time;
      • Theft of Library materials, furniture, equipment or services; (N.J.S.A. 2C: 20-12 et. seq.);
      • Damaging or vandalizing Library property, including, but not limited to, restrooms, computers, electronic equipment, hardware or software, furniture and walls; defacing or removing pages from books; or, destroying landscaping or other fixtures; (N.J.S.A. 2C: 17-3 et. seq.);
      • Moving furniture without the express consent of Library staff or using furniture in any manner that may damage the furniture, including placing feet on same;
      • Bringing any animal into the Library except service animals and animals brought into the Library in connection with Library programs;
      • Entering non-public areas of the Library without permission;
      • Taking Library materials into restrooms (N.J.S.A. 2C: 20-12et. seq.);
      • Vandalizing cars or other property/items in the Library parking lot or anywhere else on Library property(N.J.S.A. 2C: 17-3 et. seq.);;
      • Violating the Library's rules for acceptable use of computers and  the internet. A user accepts these rules before accessing the Internet through a Library computer. Copies of these rules will be made available by staff upon request;
    4. The Library staff has the authority to maintain order to ensure the safety of patrons and staff. All patrons must follow the directions of the staff regarding policies. Conduct may be deemed inappropriate regardless of whether it rises to the level of criminal activity.
      Violation of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent loss of the use of Library facilities. Continued inappropriate behavior will lead to expulsion from the Library, parental notification if a minor, and possible police notification, or prosecution as warranted.

  2. Borrowing Materials

    1. Loan Periods

      Material Item Limit Loan Period Renewable
      New Books None 2 weeks Yes
      Books None 4 weeks Yes
      Books for school assignments/holidays None 2 weeks Yes
      Children's Computer Games 5 2 weeks Yes
      Magazines 5 2 weeks Yes
      Pamphlets 5 2 weeks Yes
      Children's book cassettes 5 2 weeks Yes
      Music CDs 5 2 weeks Yes
      Playaways 5 2 weeks Yes
      Books-on-tape 5 2 weeks Yes
      CDs 5 2 weeks Yes
      New Videos 2 2 days No
      New DVDs 2 2 days No
      Videos 5 1 week Yes
      DVDs 5 1 week Yes
      Leappad 1 2 weeks Yes
    2. Fines and Fees

      Overdue fines are $ .25 per day for all library items except:

      Playaways $ 2.00 per day
      Videos/Computer Games $ 2.00 per item
      Expired reserve items $ 1.00 per item
    3. Rental charges:

      Rental books $ 0.25 per day
      All Videos/DVDs $ 1.00 per item
  3. Library Computers

    1. Adult Internet Access Computers

      1. Public access to the Internet is available to all users wth a valid Edison library card as a resource in support of our role as the community's information and learning center. Our Internet use policy is posted in each library. Visitor passes are available for people without a library card for Internet access only.
      2. Individuals may sign up to use the Internet for a 60 minute period and your library card number is required to enter the new Internet security system.
      3. The Internet in the children's department may only be used by children under the age of 13. Printing is available at a cost of $.15 per page.
      4. Please note that KidsClick! and other bookmarked sites on the children's department computers are not internet filters. They do not prevent children from using alternate browsers to surf for other internet addresses. These sites are intended to guide users to good sites; not block them from "bad" sites.
      5. Parents have the ultimate responsibility to supervise their children's use of our internet computers.
    2. Childern's Computers

      1. Children's internet computers are available to children 12 years of age and under.
      2. Since filtering software is not used on public library computers parents must be responsible for supervising the content their children research on these computers.
      3. Parents of children second grade and younger must physically be seated at the computer with their children at all times.
      4. Adults are not permitted to use internet computers in the children's department but are invited to make use of the computers in the adult department.
      5. Internet use is limited to two half hour periods in a single day.
      6. Access to the internet can only be obtained with the use of your Edison Library card.
      7. Staff is not permitted to look up your card number.
    3. Library Catalog Computers

  4. Meeting Rooms

    The Edison Township Free Public Library adheres to Article VI of the LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS adopted by the American Library Association Council, and endorsed by the New Jersey Library Association. Article VI. states "Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use." An interpretation of the LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS is stated in the NJLA Intellectual Freedom Manual as follows: If meeting rooms in libraries supported by public funds are made available to the general public for non-library sponsored events, the library may not exclude any group based on the subject matter to be discussed or based on the ideas that the group advocates. Therefore, use of the meeting room does not constitute Library or Township endorsement of the viewpoints, beliefs, ideas, or policies expressed by the organizations or individuals using the space.

    One meeting room is located in each of the following locations:

    Main Library
    340 Plainfield Avenue
    Edison, NJ 08817
    North Edison Branch
    777 Grove Avenue
    Edison, NJ 08817
    Clara Barton Branch
    141 Hoover Avenue
    Edison, NJ 08837


      Main Library North Edison Clara Barton
    Standing Room Only 163 149 100
    Chairs Only 116 107 71
    Tables & Chairs 54 49 33

    Application Form (including Insurance and Liability Form).

    Please submit completed applications to EPLMeetings@edisonpubliclibrary.net or bring them to the Main Branch of the Edison Township Free Public Library

    Rules & Regulations for Use of Library Meeting Room:

    1. Organizations who desire to use the meeting room are required to complete the application form. Application forms are available online or at the Main Library, North Edison Branch, and Clara Barton Branch. Please note that proof of liability insurance is required.
    2. Library activities will take precedence over the allocation of rooms to organizations. The Library reserves the right to cancel any authorization in the interest of need for Library purposes.
    3. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance for the desired date and time to be granted. (Bookings may be limited). Meeting rooms are in constant demand and priority is established in the order the applications are received. Since the meeting rooms need to be used for libary programs, outside groups are limited to booking no more than twice a month.
    4. Library staff will notify the organization that authorization for the use of the building has been granted. Applicable restrictions will be noted.
    5. In all publicity or announcements relating to a meeting room event, the Edison Public Library may only be mentioned as a location, not as a sponsor of an event or as the headquarters of the organization.
    6. Library staff retains the right to attend any scheduled meeting or event at the Library to ensure compliance of the room usage.
    7. Meeting Rooms may not be used for the purpose of religous worship or instruction.
    8. Meeting rooms are not available for social gatherings.
    9. With the exception of library sponsored events, no sponsored events, no admission fees or service fees may be charged, no donations solicited, nor items sold.
    10. A representative of the sponsoring organization must report to the librarian in charge when the meeting has ended, and report the number of event attendees.
    11. Organizations shall establish necessary measures to conform with the following regulations of the library:
      • ROOM SET-UP & CLEAN-UP - Groups are responsible for their own set-up of chairs, tables, etc. and must return the room to the condition in which it was found before leaving. Organizations shall be responsible for cleaning up any trash, litter, or refuse left as a direct result of their activities. This includes dishes, garbage, paper, tidiness of meeting room and bathrooms, etc. Groups must reimburse the Library for any damage that occurs to library furniture, equipment, facility or grounds.
      • AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT - The Edison Public Library has built-in AV equipment and free wireless internet available for presentations. Presenters must use their own laptop to connect to the Library's equipment. Arrangements may be made in advance for an introductory session on using the Library's AV equipment since Library staff may not be available for technical support at the time of the program.
      • SUPERVISION - Buildings shall be made available only to responsible adult groups that will provide supervision of all participants and activities. Adult sponsors are responsible for the behavior of the group as well as for the protection of the building and its contents. Meetings held at the Main Library, North Edison Branch or Clara Barton Branch must end 15 minutes prior to closing. Groups must adhere to the Library Code of Conduct that includes the supervision of children and not interfere with normal Library operation. Policies are available at the desk or online if clarification is needed.
      • SMOKING, VAPING, CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, USE OF CANDLES OR INCENDIARY DEVICES AND COOKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE LIBRARY OR MEETING ROOM - Organizations shall inform all members of their staff and all members of their audiences of this prohibition, and take necessary steps to insure compliance.
      • VEHICLES - Vehicles must be legally parked.
      • COMPLIANCE FAILURE - Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the library will result in the denial of the use of the building for future occasions.
      • FEES - The following fees will be charged for the use of the library meeting rooms and must be paid before using the rooms. Fees may be waived for library affiliated organizations at the discretion of the Director:

      • Non-Profit Organizations(1): $35.00 per use.
        Profit-Making Orizanizations(2): $75.00 per use

        1 Nonprofit organizations are defined as those organizations with proof of incorporation as a nonprofit or charitable entity; any organization recognized as a service organization; or any local group meeting for a specific not-for-profit purpose.
        2 For-profit organizations are defined as a group or organization whose purpose is to conduct operations to realize a financial profit.

      • CANCELLATIONS - Any cancellation of a meeting room reservation must be made five business days before the scheduled meeting date. If the organization cancels a room reservation less than five business days prior to their scheduled date, the meeting room fee shall revert to the library.
      • LIBRARY CLOSINGS - In the event that the library must close due to equipment failure or inclement weather, all efforts will be made to notify the contact person listed on the meeting room application. During adverse weather conditions, the group should call the library or check the Library's website or Facebook page for updates. Organizations scheduled to use a meeting room when there is an emergency closing may choose to have their fee returned or applied to another date.

  5. Application Form (including Insurance and Liability Form)

  6. Membership

    1. Library Cards

      1. Library cards are issued free of charge to residents who live or own property in Edison.
      2. Proof of residence, employment in Edison or school enrollment in Edison is required to obtain a library card. Cards must be renewed in person only (no phone renewals) every 3 years except for those who work or are enrolled in Edison schools and do not live in the township. These 2 type of cards must be renewed annually.
      3. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately. Replacement fee for a lost card is $1.
      4. Library cards are issued when a child enters kindergarten. A parent's signature is required for children up to the age of 18.
      5. An Edison Township Library Card may be used at the Main Library, North Edison Branch, the Clara Barton Branch, and the Bookmobile. A valid Library Card enables one to borrow the following: Books, Magazines, Pamphlets, Books on Tape, Music CDs, Videos, DVDs and computer software.
      6. Our library participates in reciprocal borrowing with many libraries in the area. Residents with a valid Library Card are entitled to borrow materials from these libraries. Certain restrictions may apply. Ask at the Circulation Desk for the latest list of participating libraries
      7. IDENTIFICATION ACCEPTED FOR LIBRARY CARD REGISTARTION: Only one form of identification is required. All forms of ID must show name, address and expiration date. Bills must be dated within three months:
        1. Driver's License/Driver's Permit
        2. Edison Township Tax Bill
        3. Lease/Rental
        4. Motor Vehicle Identification or Car Insurance Bill
        5. Senior Citizen ID Card
        6. Temporary INS Visa Status Card
        7. Utility Bill/Credit Card Bill
        1. Social Security Card
        2. Personal Mail
        3. Bank Statement
        4. Checkbook
        5. P.O. Box
  7. Children's Department

    1. Programming

      1. Registration for our programs begins at age 2.
      2. Our children's programs are open to Edison residents first and are limited in size due to program room space.
      3. Edison adults with children visiting from outside of our township will be accepted into our programs no sooner than one day before the event takes place.
      4. Registration is taken by phone, in person or through our Events page on a first come first serve basis. If your child (or children) cannot attend a program, please call the Library as soon as possible, prior to the start of the program, so that another child can attend. Repeated failure to notify the Library will result in your child having to wait one month before reapplying for a program. Please be considerate!
      5. After registration your child’s spot in the program will be kept only until 5 minutes after the stated start time of the program. After this time your child’s place in the program will be given away to another child on the in-house waiting list at that branch.
      6. Waiting lists are only taken in person at the library ½ hour before the start of a program. Edison children are taken first, followed by non-resident children with grandparents living in Edison and finally any non-residents who wish to attend if there is space left in the program.
      7. Only parents or regular caregivers may register their child. Please do not attempt to register your friends. Parents are asked to take the responsibility to call us if they do not intend to come to a program.
      8. After careful consideration, the Library Board has decided to have a "No Sibling" policy. In other words, only the children registered for the program will be permitted in the program room with their parents. This "No Sibling" policy offers you and your child quality time without distraction. We hope that parents will work together to assist each other with childcare during our Library programs.
      9. Some infant programs require a parent or caregiver to be present at all times. Please ask about this when registering for any preschool programs.
      10. Programs for 3 to 5 year olds require the parent or caregiver to remain in the building, although they do not enter the program room due to space limitations. This program will be a 2-week series and children must be able to attend the majority of the sessions to register
      11. Publicity
        1. Newspapers
        2. Signs in the library's children's department
        3. Our web site at edisonpubliclibrary.net
        4. Or calling and asking our children's department staff

Additonal Policies and Procedures available at the Edison Public Library.