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Meeting Rooms

Main Library
340 Plainfield Avenue
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone:(732) 287-2298
North Edison Branch
777 Grove Avenue
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: (732) 548-3045
Clara Barton Branch
141 Hoover Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837
Phone: (732) 738-0096

The Edison Township Free Public Library adheres to Article VI of the LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS adopted by the American Libraries Association Council, and endorsed by the New Jersey Library Association. An interpretation of the LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS is stated in the NJLA Intellectual Freedom Manual as follows:

If meeting rooms in libraries supported by public funds are made available to the general public for non-library sponsored events, the library may not exclude any group based on the subject matter to be discussed or based on the ideas that the group advocates.


For Use of Library Meeting Room by Organizations Organizations who desire to use the meeting room are required to complete the application form. Application forms are available at the Main Library, North Edison Branch, and Clara Barton Branch.

The Librarian will notify the organization that authorization for the use of the building has been granted. Applicable restrictions will be noted.

Applications must be forwarded early for the desired date and time to be granted. (Bookings may be limited). Buildings are in constant demand and priority is established in the order the applications are received.

Library activities will take precedence over the allocation of rooms to organizations. The library reserves the right to cancel any authorization in the interest of need for library purposes.

Organizations shall establish necessary measures to conform with the following regulations of the library:

SUPERVISION - Buildings shall be made available only to responsible adult groups that will provide supervision of all participants and activities. Adult sponsors are responsible for the behavior of the group as well as for the protection of the building and its contents.

Meetings held at the Main Library, North Edison Branch or Clara Barton Branch must end 15 minutes prior to closing.

SMOKING, DRINKING OF ALCOHOL AND COOKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE LIBRARY OR MEETING ROOM - Organizations shall inform all members of their staff and all members of their audiences of this prohibition, and take necessary steps to insure compliance.

CLEAN-UP - Organizations shall be responsible for cleaning up any litter or refuse left as a direct result of their activities. This includes dishes, garbage, paper, tidiness of rooms, etc. No paints or messy craft work will be allowed.

VEHICLES - Vehicles must be legally parked.

COMPLIANCE FAILURE - Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the library will result in the denial of the use of the building for future occasions.


The following fees will be charges for the use of the library meeting rooms and must be paid before using the rooms:


No group or organization may charge for their services while using the library facilities. However, a fee may be collected if it is used to purchase food or supplies.

CANCELLATIONS - Any cancellation of a meeting room reservation must be made five business days before the scheduled meeting date. If the organization cancels a room reservation less than five business days prior to their scheduled date, the meeting room fee shall revert to the library.

LIBRARY CLOSINGS - In the event that the library must close due to equipment failure or inclement weather, all efforts will be made to notify the organizations scheduled to use the meeting rooms. During adverse weather conditions, the group should check with the library or listen to radio station WCTC 1450 AM.

ROOM SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP - Groups are responsible for their own set-up of chairs, tables, etc. and must return the room to the condition in which it was found before leaving.

Application Form (including Insurance and Liability Form)


For more information please see the Onsite Services Page